Finley’s Tips for a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

Hi Finley here,
Ahhh, Thanksgiving! That time of year for me and my fellow canines that is mixed with a bit of AGONY as well as some Bliss……. Of course, I’m talking about the incredible smells that come out of the kitchen at my house on that day when my humans spend a lot of time cooking and eating and watching football and eating and watching more football and then eating some more. The smells coming out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving day can sometimes be too much for me, because I find myself wanting to eat EVERYTHING! In fact, one year, I got caught sampling some of the food in the kitchen and I got into a bit of trouble….oops! Luckily, I didn’t eat anything that made me sick… I think this is a good time for me to remind you of the Thanksgiving treats that are OK to share with your four-legged friends and those treats that aren’t so safe.

  • Turkey-YES!! Just make sure you don’t give your canine friends any bones; my feline friends can handle them but us dogs……..No Way!!
  • Onions-garlic-leeks-scallions-NO!!
  • Mashed potatoes—Oh Yeah!!
  • Grapes—No!!
  • Cranberry sauce—Yes!! And it’s one of my favorites
  • Xylitol—I think those are those fake sweeteners that some people like to use, but just remember, those are REALLY BAD for pets!
  • Green Beans-Yes!! Plain is best.

Now, if you plan to travel for Thanksgiving, remember, Cascade Kennels, where I work, is a GREAT place to board your four-legged companions while traveling. Our kennel fills up fast because we’re so awesome, so make sure you book early to reserve your pet’s spot. If you plan to take your pet with you, here’s some great travel tips to remember.

  • Make sure you have your pet secured in a crate, that’s the safest way for pets to travel
  • Find pet friendly hotels before you hit the road. There’s lots of places out there that welcome pets, you just gotta find them first.
  • Make sure you stop on the way to give your pet a chance to stretch their legs and “do their business.”
  • Make sure you pack plenty of food and water for your pet and we always like to have a few of our favorite toys when we travel…..just sayin’.

Whatever you’re doing during the Thanksgiving holiday, follow my tips and you and your pet will have a great holiday.

Until Next Time,
Executive Canine Quality Control Officer

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