Cat Care Basics: Do Cats Need Company?

As the holidays approach and families make plans to travel, it’s important to include your pets in those plans. In some cases, families are able to take pets along with them on their holiday travels, but most of the time, it’s best to make arrangements for your pets to board while you’re away. Here at Cascade Kennels, many of the cat owners we meet are surprised when they find how well their cats do in boarding, especially as opposed to when they leave them at home with a friend or neighbor just checking in on them occasionally.

Cats Get Lonely Too

It’s important to understand that, while cats may not be as social as dogs, they are not exactly solitary creatures either.  In other words, they need companionship just as much as dogs need it. If your cat is accustomed to having people around during the day, it can be very stressful for him or her to suddenly be left alone in the house; especially if they share the house with a dog. Like most of us, cats are creatures of habit and they get used to the interaction of the household from day to day, so to suddenly change that by leaving them alone can produce a lot of anxiety in them.

Pet Sitters Can Cause Stress

Many people think the easiest thing for their cat is to stay home and have a sitter come in to check in on them and feed them. What we’ve heard throughout the years from people who have switched from using a sitter to boarding, is that often their cat will hide from the sitter for days on end, and sometimes refuse food and water. For some cats, having their family leave, a stranger come in on a completely new routine, and being alone for long stretches of time can all compound into an upsetting experience regardless of being at home. Even though boarding requires a change of scenery, it is much easier to acclimate to the daily routine in a more structured environment. Predictability is hugely comforting for cats.

Choose Cat Boarding

When boarding your cat, there are some steps you can take to make the process go a little more smoothly.  If you have never used a boarding facility before, it’s important to get familiar with it ahead of time. See if you can take a tour of the facility and check out the accommodations they have for cats. We welcome tours at any time for new clients and it’s important to know that a good kennel will always welcome prospective clients a chance to tour their facility.

When you go to check out the facility, accommodations should be clean, they should be separate from the dogs and they should be enclosed so that cats cannot escape. They should also provide places where your cat can climb and preferably look out the window.  At Cascade Kennels, our cat condos offer three levels for cats to explore and a comfortable place for them to nap.  We’ve also added a tropical fish tank for their enjoyment.  Your cat will receive plenty of attention and affection from our staff and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere we provide.

Boarding your cat with us at Cascade Kennels will provide your feline friend a home away from home and you will have the peace of mind that your cat is safe and receiving excellent care. Learn more about our Cat Boarding packages or simply go online and make your reservation.  We look forward to seeing you and your feline soon!

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