What Makes Cats Such Great Pets?

Not everyone in the world is a cat person; we get that! Here at Cascade Kennels, we care for both dogs and cats (and exotics) in equal measure so we feel we have a pretty good knowledge of both species. We also genuinely love both species in equal measure, but we also see that there are many people who simply don’t understand cats and the many wonderful qualities they possess. So, for those of you who consider yourselves “non-cat people” we’d like to share with you a list of cat characteristics that we hope will begin to open up your mind to the all the great things that make cats such great pets.


According to a recent article, there are a number of reasons that cats make great pets.

  • They’re good for young kids: As with any animal, kids who grow up with cats learn to care for others, they learn about companionship and cats can even help kids develop social skills.
  • They can prevent allergies in kids: It has been proven that kids who grow up with pets tend to struggle with fewer allergies. It seems that having a pet in the home has a way of maturing the immune system that helps to combat sickness.
  • Cats are ideal for apartment living: Cats are much quieter than dogs and are therefore ideal for apartment dwellers.
  • Cats are less expensive than dogs: Cats don’t eat as much as dogs and don’t require quite as much grooming and maintenance as dogs.
  • Cats don’t make you feel guilty for leaving them: While some would mistake this as aloofness in cats, they are simply more independent than dogs and are content to be alone as well as in your company.
  • Cats are actually very intelligent: It’s true! We see evidence of this as we care for cats here at Cascade Kennels. Cats are trainable, and they also have excellent memories. What they learn, they retain. This is true for both positive as well as negative things.
  • They have longevity: Generally speaking, cats tend to live longer than dogs.
  • Their companionship is healthy: It’s been long understood that owning a pet can have many health benefits for humans such as lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart attacks. It is believed that the companionship of cats (and all pets) offers many health benefits to all humans, especially as they get older.

These are just a few of the many reasons why we believe cats make great pets. As we care for our cat boarders at Cascade Kennels, we see that cats have as many wonderfully different personalities as humans do. Most love the attention and affection we show them, and all cats thrive when they have play-time with humans and other cats.

If you’ve never owned a cat or consider yourself “not a cat person” we hope this blog has shed some light on the many wonderful qualities cats possess and that you would consider adding one of these wonderful creatures to your household.

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