Beyond Pet Boarding: A Look at the Luxury Services that Make Your Pet Beg to Go

Here at Cascade Kennels, we’re all about YOUR pets! Your pets are why we’re here. We love animals and it’s our desire and mission to provide the best possible care for the animals that are entrusted to us. In fact, we like to think that the care they receive here at Cascade Kennels is equal to the care they receive from you at home! One of the ways we do this is by offering some additional luxury services you can purchase when you book your pet’s boarding. These services have become very popular with both pets and their parents! In fact, we find pets love these so much, they “beg” to come back!


Our luxury services can be purchased at an additional fee for dogs who board at Cascade Kennels.

Luxury Packages for Dogs:

The Busy Buddy:  Our Busy Buddy package is designed for any dog that enjoys a day full of activities. This package includes: A woodland hike, Off-leash playtime, a Nature Walk , and a nightcap treat before they go to bed for the night. The Busy Buddy package can be purchased for an additional $27 per day during their stay at Cascade Kennels.

Cuddle Package: Our cuddle package is perfect if your dog is a bit more on the mellow side such as an older dog or a dog with a more docile disposition. The cuddle package is an extra $22 per day and includes two nature walks, a cuddle time, and a nightcap treat before bedtime.

The Sportsman Package: If you have a working dog, our Sportsman package is perfect. It includes two off-leash playtimes, a nature walk and a nightcap treat before bed. The Sportsman package is an additional $27 per day while your dog is boarding with us.


Pets love these luxury services and pet parents love knowing their pets are getting a little extra love and attention during their stay at Cascade Kennels.

When you call to book your pet’s boarding, simply ask for the package you want and we’ll be more than happy to shower your pet in luxury.

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