8 Life Hacks for a Happy Cat

8 Life Hacks For A Happy Cat

Is your cat as happy as he could be? There are lots of ideas for making your pet love the life he lives. Take a look at this list we know will improve the “cattitude” of your pet.

HAPPY CAT HACK #1: Look at that view!
Set up a window perch with a view of his outside world. He’ll see birds, other animals and trees swaying in the breeze. Afternoon sun through the window makes a perch a great napping spot, too. Go an extra step and build your cat an outdoor enclosure or “catio”. This screened-porch style space lets him hear the sounds, smell the smells and get fresh air without the danger of predators. Either way, connecting to the outdoors will boost your cat’s well being.

HAPPY CAT HACK #2: Go To New Heights
We’ve all watched our cats seemingly avoid touching the floor and instead climb and jump on furniture to make it where they want to go and climb as high as possible along the way. Maybe cats believe that the floor is made from lava? Make the room even more interesting by installing a series of shelves that act as steps up the wall, perfectly spaced for a leaping cat. It is good exercise and fun for your cat too.

HAPPY CAT HACK #3: Reduce The Stress Of Boarding
Taking your cat for boarding can be upsetting to him, even if you travel often. At Cascade Kennels, we have worked hard to create the optimum environment for your cat while he is visiting. Our comfortable cat accommodations feature individual condos with multiple levels to explore and a comfy spot to curl up for naps. There are also kitty playrooms for your cat to visit daily that feature custom built gymnasiums and window perches with entertaining views of our large pond, various birds and trees that surround the property. We strive to make your cat’s stay at Cascade Kennels enjoyable and fun. Head to our Cat Boarding page to learn more about our affordable rates, explore fun optional activities and services and to book a reservation.

HAPPY CAT HACK #4: Grow Cat-Friendly Plants
It’s no secret that cats love catnip, but it can get expensive to maintain a supply of quality catnip products. Did you know you can grow your own for a fraction of the cost of store-bought? Growing catnip can be done indoors or outdoors, but there are a few tips you’ll need to be successful. When growing outdoors, think about where you would put it so that it gets full sun. Know that it will probably get some attention from outdoor cats and can grow as tall as 5 feet. It can be invasive to native vegetation so you might want to grow it in a container. When growing indoors, be aware that your cat will likely try to get to it, so grow it in a location that is safe for your cat to jump on. Growing indoors can result in a smaller plant, due to less light exposure. You can offer fresh catnip or thoroughly air dry trimmings for later use. Catnip trimmed right as the plant blooms will give you the most potency.

Cats also enjoy nibbling on cat grasses. Cat grass or pet grass is typically available grown from wheat grass, oat, rye or barley. It provides necessary fiber, folic acid for blood health and is helpful for eliminating hairballs. You can purchase small starter plants of catnip and pet grass at most larger pet stores.

HAPPY CAT HACK #5: Shine the Laser Light
Cats are instantly fascinated by the red dot of a laser pointer. The thrill of chasing and hopefully catching the ”prey”, the dot, is all that matters at that moment. This playtime activity is a favorite among many cats (and humans). Small laser lights are inexpensive and provide hours of entertainment for your cat and for you.

HAPPY CAT HACK #6: Microchip, Microchip, Microchip
This hack is for your happiness, too. Knowing that your cat carries your contact information with him wherever he may go offers a bit of peace of mind in case he is ever separated from you, he will have a better chance of being reunited with you. Check for local low-cost microchipping events near you to help make it more affordable.

HAPPY CAT HACK #7: Handle Pet Hair Quickly With These Household Items
Again, this tip might be more for you. If you have a cat, you have cat hair in your home. There are a few things you can use to minimize the amount you have to deal with. Start with a grooming routine. Schedule twice daily brushings and you’ll see less hair around. Cat hair on your favorite shirt? Toss it into the dryer for a few minutes with a couple of fabric softener sheets. The sheets attract and trap the hair; leaving the shirt hair-free and smelling nice. You can also try using a kitchen rubber glove to wipe cat hair from furniture.

HAPPY CAT HACK #8: Connect With Your Cat
Frequent playtime, snuggles and good conversation are great ways to build trust and decode how your cat expresses his needs. Making an effort to truly bond with your cat will help make him happy to be your pet.


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