5 Signs Your Dog Needs Training Help From Cascade Kennels

5 Signs Your Dog Needs Training Help

Is your dog pulling you on walks, barking non-stop, or leaving your guests soaked in slobbery greetings? While some of that is cute as puppies, these behaviors can become major headaches as your dog grows up. The good news is that professional dog training can be a game-changer for your dog and you! Here are the 5 signs your dog needs training help.

They Pull On The Leash
Does your dog pull away from you during daily walks? Not the occasional tug to chase a random smell on the wind, but they pull as far away from you as the leash will allow? Constant pulling not only makes walks unpleasant but can also be dangerous. A trainer can teach your dog loose-leash walking, turning stressful outings into enjoyable bonding experiences.

They Bark A Lot
Does your dog seem to bark at everything – the TV, dogs, people, or random household noises? Excessive barking can be disruptive for you and your neighbors. Not only that, but some cities even have ordinances to curb barking that can result in fines for the owner. Professional training can help identify the triggers and teach your dog quieter ways to communicate.

They Are Destructive
Do you come home to shredded furniture or chewed-up shoes? Chewing and scratching often stem from boredom, separation anxiety, or lack of proper outlets for energy. A trainer can develop a plan to address these underlying issues, including increasing exercise or teaching your dog appropriate chewing behavior.

They Ignore You
Does your dog seem to have selective hearing when it comes to obedience commands or when you’re trying to correct bad behavior? Inconsistent responses can be frustrating and unsafe. A trainer can assess your communication style and guide you in using techniques to achieve reliable results.

Social Issues

Does your dog display fearfulness, aggression, or excessive excitement towards other dogs or people? Unchecked, these behaviors can lead to scary consequences. A qualified trainer can help socialize your dog safely and effectively, fostering positive interactions and building confidence.

Remember, finding help from a professional trainer doesn’t mean you aren’t a good dog owner. In fact, it shows that you are a responsible pet owner and want your relationship with your dog to be the best it can be. Training helps teach your pet expectations for their behavior and ease frustrations you both may feel.

If you see these signs in your dog, contact Cascade Kennels to schedule a training evaluation and session. You can call us at 425-483-9333 or get connected to our training department by filling out the training contact form.


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