Careers at Cascade Kennels


Interested in a career working with or around pets? We’re looking for dependable people who love working with animals.

To apply, please download the pdf application, fill it out and send to us.

Whether sending via fax or email, we ask that you include a brief note about your experience with animals and why you believe you are the best candidate.

Email your resume and completed application to:



Positions at Cascade Kennels


Kennel Technician

Do you have hands-on professional experience with animals? Are you known for your reliability and work ethic? Do you love animals? Have great communication skills? If so, you may be a great fit for our kennel tech position. Kennel techs are responsible for the overall care of our guests; including feeding, administering medication, and collaborating on and executing plans to best maintain and improve each guest’s well-being.

Exercise Technician

That’s right, we have a whole department dedicated solely to playing and snuggling with dogs! We look for active, upbeat folks who enjoy spending all day out in nature with animals. Love and experience with dogs are a must. This position is seasonal and part-time, but may be made permanent for the right person.


Our bather/finishers are responsible for bathing, drying, brushing, nail trimming, light hair trimming, and daily cleaning in our grooming area. If you have a great work ethic, prior experience with dog bathing, love dogs, and have a perfectionist streak, this may be the position for you! This position is seasonal and part-time, but may be permanent for the right person.

Kennel Cleaner

We sanitize our kennel runs between each guest. Kennel cleaners are responsible for this process to prepare each kennel for our incoming guests and may also be cross-trained in our exercise department. The ideal candidate for this loves animals and is looking to stay physically active throughout their work day. This position is seasonal and part-time, but may be permanent for the right person.

Daycare Attendant

Our doggy daycare facility is over 3000 sq ft of indoor & outdoor area for dogs to play and romp with other dogs. Our daycare attendants are tasked with not just supervising the dogs, but being an active part of the play and interaction going on to make sure every dog is having a good time. We look exclusively for candidates with prior experience in free play settings with dogs to ensure they have a great working knowledge of dog behavior and body language.