About Us

Cascade Kennels has been in operation in Woodinville since 1975 on a heavily wooded rural site. The entire facility was rebuilt in 1999 within two fully-enclosed heated buildings to provide a modern, clean, comfortable, safe and secure environment for our guests.

We are a full-service pet care facility offering a broad range of services including boarding, grooming, and daycare. We have services specially designed for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and most other household pets.

In designing our facility we kept in mind the natural habitat of your pet which allows us to provide care in the healthiest way. This attends not only to the basic physical needs of your pet, but also to their emotional and psychological needs. The efficient design maximizes individual, personalized and quality care.

We employ a very loving, knowledgeable and caring staff, who make special adjustments and provide extra time as needed for each individual guest.

Lobby Hours
Mon – Fri: 8am – 6:30pm
Sat: 8am – 4:00pm
Sun: Closed

Daycare Hours
Mon – Fri: 8am – 4pm
Sat – Sun: Closed

Holiday Closures

January 1, New Year’s Day
May 27, Memorial Day
July 4, Independence Day
September 2, Labor Day
Nov. 28, Thanksgiving
December 25, Christmas

Short Holiday Hours
Christmas Eve
8:00am – 12:00pm
New Year’s Eve
8:00am – 12:00pm

Why Us?

We invite you to take a tour of our facilities at any time our lobby is open. No reservation or advance notice is required! We’re happy to show you around. We are always ready to show off our clean, safe and stress-free environment.

Our boarding areas are uniquely designed to keep your pet as clean and safe as possible. We encourage you to bring familiar items from home like blankets, a bed or toys in order to make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible. Pets with special needs are tended to and logged in your boarding report.

Cascade Kennels sits on over 7 acres of heavily wooded grounds and contains many exclusive areas and trails for our staff to provide one-on-one time walking, playing and even cuddling with your pets to ensure they get the attention they really need. Our Doggie Daycare Center is optimized to separate pets by size, their habits and their play methods so your dog is safe and able to play with similar pets with similar characteristics. Our boarding facilities are supervised constantly and contain state of the art cleaning and maintenance regularly.  Our facility also has protection against power outages with our industrial strength backup generator capable of supplying electricity to the entire facility.

Cascade Kennels has developed a unique system of monitoring your pet’s diet and activities in order to better understand their habits and, in turn, provide better service to you and more comfortable surroundings for them. Our staff is trained to complete our specially designed chart that monitors everything from meals and activities to potty habits and behavior which is then supplied to the pet’s owner(s) for their review. This helps us to make adjustments in your pet’s stay to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Cascade Kennels employs a core staff of office personnel, pet technicians, groomers and exercise handlers totaling between 35 to 45 staff members depending on the time of year. All of our staff are devoted pet lovers and are ready to show your pets as much love and affection as they receive at home. Our facilities are designed to create an outstanding indoor and outdoor experience for your pets. Our dedicated staff helps to ensure your pets are treated with the utmost care, love and respect.

Cascade Kennels was founded by a love for pets and a need for pet owners to feel comfortable with leaving their pets with caretakers while on vacations or away on business matters. Cascade Kennels is not just a boarding facility. Each element was carefully planned and engineered to create the most fun, safest and most sanitary environment available to pet owners.

Our groomers bring years of experience, dedication and excellent communication to ensure that your dog or cat is washed, trimmed or groomed just the way you wish. Cascade Kennels has designed a state of the art grooming facility that includes unique and comfortable blow-drying containers, special teeth cleaning apparatus, and outdoor areas for relieving themselves keeping their new grooming job fresh and clean.

Immediately upon arrival your pet is met with a pet-friendly and enthusiastic staff. Whether there for boarding, grooming or day care, your pet is appreciated and loved. Our trained staff listens to the pet’s owners in order to facilitate any special needs your pets may have regarding diet, medication and exercise. Our goal is to get to know your pets to better serve you!

Our staff is full of energy! And, as a result, they love to have fun with your pets! Whether while being groomed, in a cuddling session or out on a walk around the grounds, your pets are spending quality time with staff or other pets or both! Happy pets make great boarders and our promise to you is our commitment to ensuring your pets are happy during their stay.


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Lauren F.
Doggie Daycare

“This is a great place for dog boarding and daycare. Luke is always tired after a day at doggie daycare at Cascade. I would highly recommend them.”

Testimonial 3
Monika T.
Repeat customer

My dog Tako is becoming a regular at this wonderful facility. Each and every staff member is amazing and loving.

Testimonial 2
Brandon R.
Happy customer

We’re definitely bringing our dogs back the next time we go out of town!

Testimonial 1
Michelle P.
Impressed customer

The facility is clean and the staff friendly and welcoming.

Meet the Front Office Staff

Larry completed his education in architecture and real estate finance at the University of Washington. His early professional years were in architecture and construction but that was soon followed by a 30 year career in banking and real estate finance. Larry’s involvement with Cascade Kennels began in 1999 when he obtained an ownership interest in the business with Andrea Woods. 1999 was the year the Cascade Kennels facility was completely rebuilt and Larry helped oversee the construction of the new building. Larry currently lives with his wife, Kathy, and their five dogs: Abby, a yellow lab mix; Sadie, a black lab; Bitty, a miniature poodle mix; and Lily and Xander, the chihuahuas.
Larry Landin
General Manager
Kelly began working at the front desk of Cascade Kennels in May 2011. She says that the best part of her job is helping to create a comfortable and positive experience for our human and animal guests alike. Kelly’s menagerie of animals include her three dogs, two cats and two pygmy goats.
Kelly Keppel
Assistant Operations Manager
At the beginning of 2014, Finley was promoted from Daycare Attendant to Executive Canine Quality Control Officer. Her duties include managing a regular blog addressing canine issues and topics, and monitoring the upkeep of optimal standards for the canine experience here at Cascade Kennels. Her impressive resume boasts a wealth of experience in being a dog, chasing her tail, and being SASSY! Found in a shelter in Texas, she now resides here on the eastside with her loving parents, Chris and Sara. Her hobbies include playing at daycare, romping around Marymoor dog park, hiking, and stealing food from unsuspecting humans.
Executive Canine Quality Control Officer
Dylan is the Operations Manager at Cascade Kennels. Dylan started working at Cascade in 2000 as a kennel technician. After about 2 years he was moved to Guest Services greeting our customers both in person and on the phone. He was then promoted to Assistant General Manager in April of 2011 and is now the Kennel’s Operations Manager. In his free time, Dylan enjoys spending time with his wife Mich and their dogs, all of which were rescues.
Dylan Gregorius
Operations Manager
Lorraine has been working at Cascade since 2008 as a kennel technician. At the beginning of the 2011 summer she was promoted to Kennel Supervisor. She earned her bachelors degree in Zoology at Washington State University. In her free time Lorraine enjoys reading novels and hiking with her husband, Brian, and their dog Maya.
Lorraine Harpole
Assistant Kennel Operations Manager
Amy started working with Cascade in 2006 as our bookkeeper. She is also in charge of our HR department and keeps us all on our toes. She says she enjoys working at Cascade because she is able to visit with the animals throughout the day. In her spare time she enjoys sea kayaking. She lives with her husband, Vern, and their two dogs Pumpkin and Nugget.
Amy Davitte
Miranda joined us on our front desk in Spring of 2018. Prior to coming to Cascade, Miranda has worked as a kennel technician at a local veterinary hospital, and loves being around animals. She currently owns two cats named Kiki and George. In her spare time, Miranda enjoys embroidering, reading and hanging out with her kitties.
Miranda Everett
Chris has been working at Cascade since the early 2000’s. Starting off walking dogs on holiday breaks while in school, he has since been trained in nearly every department. Having always worked with animals, Chris has a vast knowledge of dog behavior, training, and proper care. He currently owns a terrier mix named Finley, who happily accompanies him to work each day.
Chris Landin
Assistant Operations Manager
Jay started as a dog walker at Cascade Kennels in 2017, and has been working on the front desk since the summer of 2020. Many clients will recognize Jay’s serene and welcoming presence in our guest services as they check-in and out. Jay has had dogs in their home all through their life and was always the go-to person in the neighborhood to watch people’s pets when they were away. It was only natural that they came to work with animals! While Jay loves that aspect of the job, they also love working with people, which makes Jay a great fit for the position. Jay’s passions outside of work include making and listening to music and stage acting.
Jay Beasley
Front Desk

Boarding, Daycare, Grooming & Training

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