Board & Train

Board & Train is an ideal choice for those people who have trouble finding time to work with their dog, want to give them a jump start on good manners, or are dealing with a behavior issue that is difficult to handle on their own. It can even be a great way to enrich a longer planned boarding stay while you go on vacation! Your dog will stay overnight in our kennel accommodations while getting training sessions, exercising, and going on field trips with their trainer during the day. This program is completely catered towards the needs of you and your dog. Additional training and other resources are provided so that you and your dog will learn how to apply their new skills to your existing routine.

Board and Train is scheduled directly with our training department based on the assessment of the trainer and availability of the program.
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The 15 day program is designed for dogs that need a refresher on specific skills, dogs that need to learn or polish basic skills, and a great way to get a new dog in your life off to a great start!

The 30 day program is designed for dogs that have behavioral concerns, dogs that you would like to have more advanced obedience skills, and is perfect for any dog that you would like to have the manners to go anywhere with you.