Board & Train

Board & Train is an ideal choice for those people who have trouble finding time to work with their dog, want to give them a jump start on good manners, or are dealing with a behavior issue that is difficult to handle on their own. It can even be a great way to enrich a longer planned boarding stay while you go on vacation! Your dog will stay overnight in our kennel accommodations while getting training sessions, exercising, and going on field trips with our trainer during the day. This program is completely catered towards the needs of you and your dog. Additional training and other resources are provided so that you and your dog will learn how to apply their new skills to your existing routine.

The 15 day program is designed for dogs that need a refresher on specific skills, dogs that need to learn or polish basic skills, and a great way to get a new dog in your life off to a great start!

The 30 day program is designed for dogs that have behavioral concerns, dogs that you would like to have more advanced obedience skills, and is perfect for any dog that you would like to have the manners to go anywhere with you.

Our Scholar Package is an excellent way to maintain your current training with your dog or have them learn some new skills while they are with us for overnight boarding.  We include two individual, 15 minute Training Sessions each day, a mid-day 30 minute play time, and an evening Nightcap Treat to round out a day of fun.  All Scholar Packages include a report card of your dog’s progress, handouts that go over the exercises step-by-step, and a short meet and greet or phone call with a trainer to answer any questions you may have.  The Scholar Package price is in addition to the standard overnight boarding charge.

$32 (Plus Overnignt Boarding)

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not allow visitors during Board and Train because that can be disruptive of training time and emotionally difficult for you and the dog. Please feel free to call or email us at any time for updates and you will be getting pictures and videos of your dog’s time here with us.

Training is a lifelong process and something that needs to be continuously maintained throughout the life of the dog.  What Board and Train and our subsequent lessons will give you is a fantastic foundation to build off of.  All you have to do from there is keep it up!

Our program can address a variety of behavioral issues but not all issues are ones that can be address with the greatest success in a Boarding environment. For behavioral problems that we can address in Board and Train we require the 30 day package in order to ensure success at reaching your goals for your dog. Please reach out to us so we can discuss what is going on with your dog and assess which of our programs would be the best fit.

During your dog’s day in Board and Train they will be getting a morning walk, followed by breakfast and their first training session of the day. Then they will have time to rest, some play time, another training session, and some more exercise. After another break for a nap, they will get dinner and their final training session, followed by a final walk before bedtime. It’s a full day of learning and fun!

What your dog will learn depends entirely on what goals you have for them. There are general foundation skills that most dogs need such as, Attention, Impulse Control, and nice Leash Manners, but everything else is tailored around what you would like your dog to learn.

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Our trainer can help determine what the best program would be to meet your training goals for your dog. Please email Allie by submitting the form below, or call at 425-483-9333, ext. 110 to discuss your options.