Daycare/Group Playtime Enrollment

The following 3-STEPS must be completed before acceptance into daycare.

Before your Introduction/Evaluation, return to us the Veterinary Exam Form (click to download), which will require a fecal exam. The fecal exam must be completed no more than 14 days prior to your dog’s Introduction/Evaluation. *NOTE: this is NOT the same as having your vet fax over your dog’s vaccination history. You must print out and provide your vet with this form for group play or daycare*

Complete, sign, and return the Doggie Daycare/Group Playtime Enrollment Application and Agreement. (click to download) The signed application can be returned to us by:

Cascade Kennels 20005 178th Ave. Northeast, Woodinville, WA 98072

Hand Delivery
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Call us at 425-483-9333, or make a reservation through our online form and select “evaluation” option.

The Introduction/Evaluation will take approximately four hours and will involve our staff evaluating your dog’s behavior around people and other dogs to determine if he or she is well-suited to participate in daycare. If your dog does not appear well-suited for daycare, Cascade’s day boarding will be an excellent alternative to daycare. Please remember that the Veterinary Exam Form must be received by us on or prior to the Introduction/Evaluation.

Additional Information

For everyone’s safety, all dogs must pass their initial behavior assessment, given during the Introduction/Evaluation, and must continue to exhibit appropriate behavior during subsequent visits. If at any time we determine a dog’s behavior is not well-suited to daycare, we will notify you and reserve the right to move your dog from daycare into a more suitable situation. Future visits may, then, be curtailed depending upon further evaluation.

If your dog is not accepted into daycare for any reason, we offer Day Boarding as an option for all dogs regardless of temperament or breed provided their vaccinations are sufficient for overnight boarding. In Day Boarding, dogs are given a regular overnight boarding run for the day and they can be scheduled for nature walks, off-leash playtimes or cuddles.

If your dog is not picked-up by the closing times above, a late pick-up charge will be assessed at $5.00 for every 15 minutes, or fraction thereof, past the closing time. If your dog is not picked up within 30 minutes after closing, your dog will be boarded for the night (and given dinner) in which case you will be able to pick them up the next day and the standard overnight boarding charges and policies will apply. Late fees and overnight boarding costs must be paid in full upon pick-up.

We cannot accept certain breeds including Pit Bulls, Akitas, Mastiffs and Chows into Daycare, but all breeds and temperaments are welcome in our Day Boarding and overnight boarding.

Puppies must have completed their initial series of puppy shots (DHLPP series, Bordetella and Rabies), and dogs must be spayed or neutered if over six months of age.


Our daycare includes both indoor and outdoor spaces (where are guests can potty outdoors). Most of the time dogs will be allowed to roam between indoor and outdoor areas.

All dogs must wear a quick release collar with a nametag while in daycare. When arriving and departing, all dogs must be on fixed length leashes (i.e. no retractable leashes).

All dogs must be on a regular flea control program. If we see fleas or ticks on your dog, we reserve the right to administer and charge for a flea and tick bath during its visit.


We require a clear fecal test completed no earlier than 14 days prior to your dog’s first visit and a clear fecal test every six months thereafter.


Unfortunately, canine cough is a possibility anywhere dogs congregate including kennels, daycares, groom shops and even dog parks despite everyone’s best efforts to prevent it. Canine Cough acts very much like a cold or flu in people. Canine cough is caused by many different airborne viruses and bacteria and the Bordetella vaccine is effective against only the most common strains. Therefore, a dog can come down with canine cough even if it is fully vaccinated. We require Bordetella be administered every six months for daycare and annually for overnight boarding. The symptoms for canine cough are very similar to the human cold (coughing, sneezing and nasal discharge) and we strongly ask all clients to not bring their dog to daycare (or overnight boarding) if they are exhibiting any of those symptoms. Fortunately, just like the human cold, canine cough usually runs its course without complications, however, a veterinarian should be consulted.The Pet Care Services Association has provided additional information on canine cough which we have reposted on our blog. Click here to read it.

If we notice, during your dog’s daycare visit, any symptoms of illness (such as canine cough or other contagious illness) we will notify you to pick up your dog as soon as possible. Your dog will then be removed from daycare and quarantined until it is picked up.


If you want your dog fed or to receive medications while in daycare, you may bring the food or medicine and provide us with appropriate instructions.

Our staff’s most important goal is to maintain a calm and reasonably quiet daycare environment but injuries, while rare, can still occur. In that event, we will notify you of the problem, and provide on-site care or transport for veterinarian care as in our opinion is most appropriate.