Cat Boarding: Happy and Safe While You're Away from Cascade Kennels

Cat Boarding: Happy and Safe While You’re Away

Cats can be great snugglers when they want to, but they can also be very independent. This is why many people think that it’s okay to leave their cats home alone for an extended time, like when they go on vacation. However, this might not be what’s best for them.

Stress-Free Halloween With Pets from Cascade Kennels

Stress-Free Halloween With Pets

Halloween means spooky decorations and creative costumes galore. Answering the doorbell and hearing kids shout, “Trick Or Treat!” to get candy is a good time. Unfortunately, for your pets, this night can be an upsetting time. There are things you can do to prepare for the night and start the

Tips to Raise a Friendly, Socialized Dog with Cascade Kennels

Tips to Raise a Friendly, Socialized Dog

So you’ve decided to add a puppy to the family. As a pet parent, you have a responsibility to help guide your dog and help them become confident and friendly when interacting with others. We’ve all seen the dog that loses control, barks, and lunges when they see another dog