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How to Catify Your House

Our pets spend almost all their time at home, especially cats. So, it’s up to us as owners to ensure our house is a happy, healthy, and safe place for our cats to stay. Cascade Kennels would like to give you some tips to help ‘catify’ your house so you and your cat can enjoy your time together at home.

Scratching Posts

Adding scratching posts is the most common way to make a home a better place for a cat. Scratching posts are inexpensive and can be found at your local pet store. Putting these around your home can be a safe and effective way to help your cat keep its claws healthy and prevent it from scratching your furniture.

Cat Trees

Adding a cat tree is another common way to ‘catify’ your house. Cat trees are a high place for your cat to hide away and watch the world go by. Although they might be slightly more expensive, they can also double as a larger scratching post, making it a worthwhile investment for your home. You should place your cat tree near a window to allow your cat to sit and enjoy the views from the outside world.

Cat Beds

If there is one thing we know about cats, they love to be warm and snuggled up. Buying your cat a bed and adding a blanket is the perfect way to give your cat a special place to lie down and rest.

Cat Toys

Cat toys are an essential way to keep your cat entertained and healthy. Unlike children, cats will play with toys their entire lives as they see fit. From toy mice to ribbons, cats need toys to help them stay active. A recommended 15 minutes of daily play is just what your cat needs to help keep them happy and healthy.

Extreme ‘Catification’

For those who want to turn their home into the perfect cat paradise, there are some additional steps you can take. Installing platforms around the house is a way to give your cat access to places they can’t usually reach. To create the ideal cat cinema, try adding a window hammock so your cat can stay entertained by the outside world. Another way to give your cat something special is to build a “catio,” an outdoor space, like a small screened-in area that keeps them confined but still gives them that feeling of being outside.

Our cats will always be at home for us, and we want our home to be a special place for them to stay. However, we can’t always be at home for them. If you’re looking for the perfect place for your feline friend to stay while you’re away from home, bring them over to Cascade Kennels, where we’ll keep them happy and healthy.


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