How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog

You will need to consider many factors when choosing right toys for your dog. Dog toys should be fun, durable, and safe. Many of these factors depend on your dog’s activity level, personal preference, size, and the environment in which you live. Here are our recommendations.

1. Choose a safe dog toy

Dog toys that are attractive to dogs can often be the most dangerous ones. For example, some dog toys being sold require a dog to push a long lever to receive treats. You should avoid this type of toy as it is a potential danger to your dog’s eyes. You should also avoid giving your dog access to anything they could ingest, such as ribbon, small kids’ toys, and tiny socks.

2. Pick out the perfect-sized toys

The toys you pick out should be perfect for your dog’s current size. When your dog is a small puppy, its toys should be smaller. As they grow, you will need to buy them toys that are more appropriate for your dog. Their toys should be large enough for them to carry around but not small enough that they could easily swallow

3. Squeaky, soft toys are great for gentle dogs

If you have a gentle dog with their toys, something squeaky and soft would be perfect for them. On the other hand, if your dog likes to play rough with their toys and rip them apart, you will want to avoid this type of toy. Your dog may feel it must find and destroy the source of the squeaker and potentially ingest it. There are stuffing-free dog toys that are still soft; however, they are still not indestructible.

4. Avoid rawhide

We recommend that you do not give your dog Rawhide and rawhide-type toys. It will get soft as your dog chews on it, and if they ingest a piece of it, the rawhide could get stuck in your dog’s throat.

5. Find active toys for high-energy dogs

Toys made out of hard rubber are great for dogs with high energy. These types of toys are available in all different shapes and sizes that are fun for your dog to chew and carry around. Rope toys and tennis balls are great for dogs who like to fetch.

6. Puzzle and treat toys are great for intelligent dogs

Dogs love toys that dispense dog treats, especially when filled with broken-up treats or a mixture of dog treats and peanut butter. The right size toy could keep your dog busy for hours. Unfortunately, the only way to release the treats is for your dog to chew on the toy diligently. The puzzle toy works for intelligent dogs. The treats are hidden inside compartments with this type of toy, and your dog has to figure out how to get them. In addition, these toys come with different levels to make it more complicated each time your dog figures out how it works.

We hope that these tips help you choose the right toys for your dog.


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