Finley’s Ideas for Celebrating Dad (and His Best Friend)

Hello, Finley here! One of my favorite days is coming up – Father’s Day! Why do I love Father’s day, you ask? No, I am not a father. Or even a boy. Don’t let my beard fool you – I am a beautiful lady, okay?! Anywho, I love Father’s day because me and my dad have a lot in common, including our taste in gifts and favorite hobbies. So, naturally, my family asked ME what we should do for Dad this year! Here are my ideas for gifts and activities this coming Father’s Day!

Hiking: This one is a no-brainer. Get the whole family together, dogs included, and get outside! There are plenty of dog-friendly trails in the PNW! Just remember to bring water for your four-legger. Oh, and probably everyone else too. To make it really special, why not also get Dad some nice new hiking gear to test out on the trail!

Barbecue: I’m not sure who loves a good backyard barbecue more, me or dad! Even if you don’t have a grill of your own, lots of parks and beaches have barbecues for the public to use. Just remember, cooked bones are NOT safe for dogs. They splinter and fragment way easier after being cooked, and that can be fatal for us. Lots of people who still justify giving their dogs the ham bone or scraps from the BBQ say “Nothing bad has happened before!” but all it takes is for things to go wrong once and you’re up to your eyes in vet bills, or worse. Why not get a cheaper cut of lean meat just for us instead?! That sure sounds like a good trade-off to me!

Special Events or Festivals: There are plenty of fun Father’s Day activities going on in the Seattle area. My two favorites are the Washington Brewers Festival at Marymoor Park or the Fenders on Front Street Father’s Day Car Show in Issaquah. Both of these events are dog-friendly AND one of them happens to be right next to Marymoor Dog Park *hint hint*!

Camping: You sure don’t have to go far around here to find a beautiful campground! Why not pack up the tents and spend the weekend away from it all? You could even go fishing! If you do, just be sure to pack my life jacket, too!

Gift Ideas:

  • How ‘bout a framed picture of Dad with his four-legged friend! There are even places that will put our picture on things Dad uses every day, like coffee mugs, neckties, t-shirts or pretty much anything!
  • A gift card to one of the many local dog friendly breweries around here. Who better for him to get a brew with than Man’s Best Friend – me?! There’s plenty to choose from; like Triplehorn, Malt & Vine, Dirty Bucket, Blue Lightning, or 192 Brewery Lake Trail Taproom.
  • Fitness trackers, like the FitBit, are a great Father’s Day gift! They even make FitBits for dogs, so we can both see how buff we’re getting from our walks together!

Well, I hope you find my ideas for Father’s day helpful!  You won’t go wrong when you include his favorite canine in the plan!  Happy Father’s Day.

Until Next Time,


Executive Canine Quality Control Officer


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