Finley’s Point of View: A Dog Lover’s Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Dog Kennel

Hi Finley Here!

Today, I’m here to share my wisdom with all of you about choosing a dog kennel for your favorite canine. I can tell you, first hand (or…paw), that choosing a really awesome kennel is so very important because your dog’s kennel will become their home-away-from-home! Now I’m the first one to admit that there’s no place like home but if you can’t be home, then being in a kennel that feels like home is the next best thing. So here are my tips for choosing the very best kennel for your very best friend.


Of course, if you live here on the Eastside of Puget Sound, then the best kennel is Cascade Kennels….. because Cascade Kennels meets ALL the requirements that I’m going to share with you.

  • The Kennel should be clean! That’s one of the many things I hear so many people say about my home-away-from-home, Cascade Kennels…that it’s very clean! Sure, us dogs sometimes have accidents, but they get cleaned up right away. Any kennel that you consider should be very clean and shouldn’t smell.
  • Look for Certification: Not all kennels have a professional certification but lots of them do; including Cascade Kennels. If the kennel IS certified, it will most likely be certified through the Pet Care Services Association (PCSA). This certification means that the kennel has been evaluated by 250 different standards in 17 areas of pet care facility operation. WOW!! That’s a lot!
  • Take a tour: Always tour the kennel you’re thinking about using. If a kennel doesn’t do tours then you probably don’t want to use them. This is one of the things humans really love about Cascade Kennels…. You can drop by anytime for a tour and you’ll always see a friendly face in the lobby who will be happy to show you around and show you where your furry friend will be staying.
  • Meet the staff: Ask if you can meet the people who will be taking care of your pet. Are they friendly and caring? It’s important that you feel comfortable with the staff who will be taking care of your friend.
  • The Kennel should ask for your vaccinations: It’s very important that the kennel asks for your pet’s vaccinations. Kennels need to protect all the dogs and cats that go there and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure all the customers are current on their vaccinations. This will be one of the first questions that a good kennel will ask a new customer.
  • Kennel hours, play and exercise programs: The kennel should always have someone on the property to keep an eye on things; even at night time. They should also be sure and tell you what their hours are and when you will need to pick-up your friend. Plus, you’ll want to know about play time and exercise time. Here at Cascade Kennels,  we offer lots of different packages for our customers. If some dogs are really mellow, then their humans may just want them to have a little bit of playtime. Other dogs need lots of play and exercise during the day and we’ve got packages available that will provide them all the activity they need.

It’s also a good idea to read reviews about your local kennels and ask your vet for their input too! Choosing a good dog kennel is very important for your pet’s well-being and your peace of mind too! If you follow the tips here in my ultimate guide, you’ll always choose well.


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