Finley’s Point of View: Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Pet

Hi, Finley here!

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is ALREADY HERE!! I really love this time of year; it’s so festive with all the lights, the music and there always seems to be lots more friends to play with here at Cascade Kennels; which to me is the BEST part of the holiday season.   Some of the friends drop by for a long stay while others just drop by for a short visit while their humans go shopping…. (this is what I hear the humans say anyway.) While you’re out doing your shopping, I just want to remind you to remember your four-legged friends!  We love presents and just in case you’re not sure what to get, I’d like to offer some great stocking stuffer ideas for us pets!


Most pet families hang a stocking for their pets, but if you don’t it’s a great way to include your pet in your holiday celebrations. Now, as a dog I have different likes than my feline friends so I’m gonna share with you what I like, that I think your dogs will like too and then I’ll offer some ideas for your cats.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dogs:

  • Treats: You never go wrong with treats! We LOVE THEM!  Plus, you can never have too many treats on hand. Sometimes we just need that extra treat to tide us over between meals but also because they’re a great reward when we do good things! You could even put some of those dental treats in our stocking; we love those too despite the fact that they’re good for us!  HeHe!!
  • Toys: Who doesn’t love a new toy? I sure do!! I love plush toys and balls and rubber toys that I can chew a lot.
  • Food dispensing toy: This is every dog’s dream! A toy that actually gives us food!  This is truly the best of all worlds. Basically, you fill the toy with treats and your dog stays busy trying to get the treats out! These are great for those times when you need to leave your dog alone for a while.
  • Ball Launcher: This is one of MY personal favorites because it’s a toy that my human and I can enjoy together! Every dog loves a toy that requires play with their human.
  • Rope Toys: Rope toys are really fun because they let us play tug-of-war with our humans! Plus, did you know that these toys also clean our teeth?
  • Daycare at Cascade Kennels: This is a great idea that keeps giving all year long. You can purchase a 5, 10, or 20-day daycare package to use in the coming months at Cascade Kennels. This is a great way to try out our kennel if your dog has never been! Check out our website for details.
  • Grooming at Cascade Kennels: Here’s another GREAT idea for using later in the year. Since you know we’re likely going to need some grooming, buying them in advance is a great idea for YOU!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Cats:

Since I’m not a cat, I’ve had to rely on my feline friends to fill me in on what they like to get in their stockings! So, if you are the parent of a special cat, here’s some great stocking stuffer ideas for your favorite feline.

  • Catnip: I’m not sure why, but cats seem to really like this! You can even find organic varieties.
  • Fuzzy Mouse Toys: I know that cats like to chase mice and these toys let them chase the little critters without actually hurting them….
  • LED Light Pointer: Cats also like to chase lights…. So, I’ve observed! These LED light pointers let you entertain your cat for a long time with different color lights they can chase.
  • Electronic Cat Toy: As I said earlier, cats like to chase mice and this toy actually has a fuzzy “tail” sticking out that goes round and round so your cat can chase the tail! Pretty Cool!
  • Dental Cat Treats: Keeping your cat’s teeth clean is also very important. These treats give your cat a tasty treat while cleaning their teeth.

I hope you find these ideas helpful and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday season!


Until Next Time,


Official Canine Quality Control Officer


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