Finley’s Tips for Adopting a Pet

Hi All,

Finley here!  Today, I get to talk to you about one of my most favorite things: Pet Adoption! This is very near and dear to my heart because, like so many of my friends, I was adopted by my human. If you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet into your family let me give you a “high-paw” to that and I hope the tips that I share will be very helpful for you!


Adopting a pet is one of the BEST things any human can do because you give a pet a forever home and I can tell you first hand, there’s nothing like having a human to love and care for you but before you start the process, here are some things that you should think about FIRST:

  • Can you do it? Do YOU have the time and commitment it takes to adopt and care for a pet? This is always the first thing you should figure out. If you’re sure you’ve got what it takes to be a great pet parent then read on!
  • What kind of pet will suit your life? Sometimes humans make mistakes and adopt little puppies because they’re so cute but when the puppy grows up, he doesn’t fit their lifestyle. You know, like maybe they live in a small space and the dog got pretty big so it’s good to know what type of pet will suit your lifestyle before you adopt. If you like the outdoors, look for breeds that are great outdoor dogs. If you live in a small apartment then maybe a small dog or cat would be better.
  • Find a Vet! Before you adopt, talk to your friends who have pets so that you can pick the perfect pet doctor for your new pet.
  • Make your home pet-friendly: If you have lots of plants in your house, make sure they aren’t the kind that will make a dog sick. If you plan to adopt a cat, make sure you clear your house of food and plants that can also be bad for them because you know, cats climb everywhere.
  • Plan to train your pet: Pets get put into shelters for lots of different reasons, but sometimes it’s because they don’t behave well and the owners get frustrated. Remember, pets are just like little kids, you gotta teach us what you want us to know. Sometimes it’s pretty easy training that you can do at home with us but sometimes rescued pets need training from professionals, like the ones here at Cascade Kennels. So make sure you plan to get your new pet the training that will help him behave well, that way everyone will be happy.
  • Get supplies beforehand: Before you bring your adopted pet home, make sure you have everything he or she will need to feel welcome like: a new bed, leash, collar, toys, litter box, scratching post and food that’s appropriate for his age and breed.
  • Schedule a vet visit: After you bring your new family member home, schedule a vet visit so that they can get micro-chipped and spayed/neutered if it’s needed. Plus, this will be the chance your new pet has to meet their new Vet who will be caring for them throughout their life.

I have lots of adopted friends who come to daycare at Cascade Kennels and they would all tell you (if they could actually talk) that being adopted was the VERY BEST THING that ever happened to them!

I hope you found these tips to be very helpful!  Good Luck with your adoption.


Until Next Time,


Quality Canine Control Officer


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