Finley’s Tips: Pet-Friendly Fun Runs around Seattle

Hi Finley here,

Well, I’m seeing more of that big yellow thing in the sky these days, so that must mean that spring is coming! I’m really looking forward to spending more time outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  One of my favorite activities is going for runs with my human. We get to spend time together and exercise can be fun.

This year, my human decided to do more running. I’m excited because I overheard him say that I might be able to join. So that got me thinking, that it would be good to offer some tips on some pet-friendly fun runs that we four-legged types can enjoy with our humans.  Guess what?  There are some great ones here in the Seattle area and even some that are made just for humans and pets! So here are my tips for a fun and fit spring with your pet.

First, if you want to find out about some dog-friendly runs in your state, check out Iron Doggy. This is a great site that allows you to find a listing of your home state and the pet-friendly runs that are happening during the year. It doesn’t list all of the Fun Runs for your state; just the ones that you can actually do with your dog.  I think that’s pretty cool!  Here’s Iron Doggy’s list of pet-friendly fun runs in the Seattle Area.


Not only is this fun run pet-friendly, but it’s actually meant to be run with your dog and the best part, it benefits the Seattle Animal Shelter. This race happens on Sunday, June 11, and I’m sure your canine companion would Love it if you signed him up to run this with you.  Just look how much fun these dogs are having.

Auburn Dog Trot

This is another Fun-Run that’s meant to be enjoyed with your dog and it kicks-off the really fun Petpalooza event in Auburn on Saturday, May 20th. The Petpalooza event is a fun family event that’s all about pets. There’s an agility demo, pony rides, pet adoptions and even some low-cost animal services.  My human and I love doing these things together and it makes it even better when you know the fun you’re having is going to support a great pet cause.

Seattle Marathon 10K run/walk

This is a family event at Gasworks Park that is kid and pet-friendly. The humans can either run or walk the 10k and there’s a Fun Run for kids.  Pets are welcome as long as they are on a leash. This event happens August 26, so you can pretty much count on some really great weather as you run with your pet and enjoy the beauty of Lake Union.

Running with your pet is a great way for us and our humans to get exercise. Just remember, your pet needs to train for fun runs just like you do, so don’t sign up for a run planning to take us if you haven’t been training with us all along.  Also, for some more great tips on which breeds make the best running partners, check this out.

Happy running,

Finley  |  Executive Canine Quality Control Officer


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