Meet Allie!

Finley here!

I am SO excited to tell you about something new we’re doing here at Cascade Kennels! We now do DOG TRAINING! You may be wondering why I would be jazzed about the idea of having someone tell me what to do, and worse yet, teaching my parents how to tell me what to do. Well, the fact is, this new trainer we’ve brought on board actually makes training fun! Her name is Allie Lowry and, frankly, she is awesome. I’m excited for my canine pals to meet Allie!

dog trainingAllie has been training dogs professionally for longer than I’ve been around (7 years!), but it was a passion of hers way before she made it a career. She’s been showing and competing with dogs since she was 7 years old! Talk about dedication, right? She’s even got certification, which my humans are pretty impressed with. Just to get her CPDT (certified professional dog trainer) title she had to log over 300+ hours of documented training!

From what I’ve seen, her own dogs are all the certification I need. They actually make me feel pretty darn lazy… They do obedience, lure coursing, rally, conformation, schutzhund, and agility, and even have trophies for a lot of it! But I bet you anything they can’t eat a pie as fast as I can. She has two Cane Corsos, which are big Italian mastiffs, a Jack Russell Terrier, and a Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is even a therapy dog. Pretty cool!

Allie has a positive training style, and uses scientifically-sound techniques. Basically what this means is that she sets me up to make good choices, and I get rewarded for doing so, and that makes me even more motivated to recreate what I got rewarded for! Along with effective methods, my humans say they really like how well she communicates. Allie is good at explaining things in a way that’s easy to understand and really in-depth. She sure knows what she’s talking about!

The truth is, training isn’t necessarily “new” here at the kennel. We had training for many, many years, and then a few years ago, decided to take a break to focus on opening our new doggy daycare. We’ve had many wonderful trainers here over the years, and a lot of them still even hold classes here! But when we decided to re-boot our training department, we made special efforts to bring someone on that we would be proud to call Cascade Kennel’s trainer. Allie fits the bill!

Happy Training!

Executive Canine Quality Control Officer
Cascade Kennels, Inc.


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