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At the Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine, we place a strong emphasis on preventative health care for our patients. We believe that actively working to prevent diseases from occurring, and identifying health problems early, are keys to helping our patients live longer, healthier lives.

Rabbits are prone to several health problems, including dental disease, ear disease, and eye problems. They also have a relatively short average lifespan (10-15 years). Having your rabbit visit the veterinarian once a year is equivalent to us only visiting our physicians once every 8-12 years. As rabbits age, they often develop new health problems at a more rapid rate, so we recommend that they receive bi-annual physical exams past the age of 8 years. This is especially important if they are dealing with chronic health problems.

Our standard preventative health care program for a healthy, younger rabbit includes:

Yearly physical exam: A thorough physical exam is the most critical part of any wellness program. Many subtle medical problems are first noticed as part of a physical exam.   Your veterinarian will perform a thorough eye exam and dentistry exam as a part of this visit. We also review your rabbit’s internal and external parasite status, and discuss behavioral and dietary concerns. Getting an accurate recorded weight of your pet that can be followed over time is very helpful for monitoring either weight loss or obesity.

There are no vaccinations required or recommended for pet rabbits at this time.

Yearly bloodwork and urinalysis: Regular monitoring of bloodwork/urinalysis values can often pick up early signs of infection and endocrine diseases.   We recommend that all of our patients undergo the following blood tests each year:

Complete Blood Count (CBC): This measures your rabbit’s immune system health, and lets us know if he/she is dealing with either an underlying infection, anemia, or certain types of cancer.

Serum Chemistry: This panel tests for major organ function and electrolyte levels. Early signs of liver disease, kidney disease, and/or gastrointestinal disease can often be identified on this panel.

Urinalysis:   We check your pet’s urine for signs of underlying infection, diabetes, and kidney problems (among other things) with this test.

Every other year, we recommend that your rabbit receive a full set of oral radiographs to monitor for signs of underlying dental disease.


March 30, 2015

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