Tips for a Great Pet Boarding Experience from Cascade Kennels

Tips for a Great Pet Boarding Experience

While vacations are enjoyable, sometimes you cannot bring your dog or cat when leaving town. Fortunately, pet boarding facilities provide your furry friend with a place to stay for extended periods. However, staying at a boarding facility for the first time can be challenging for some pets. Here are tips to make your dog or cat more comfortable and help them have a great pet boarding experience.

Get Them Acquainted with the Boarding Facility

Staying in a new place can induce separation anxiety, commonly caused by pets being away from their owner in unfamiliar situations or locations. Take your pet with you to tour the facility and enable them to become familiar with the area they will be staying in while you are away. Touring the facility will allow you to meet the staff while observing play and lodging areas, feeding, and grooming.

Keep Up to Date with Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations are crucial for keeping your pet healthy and protected against infectious diseases. Vaccinating pets against diseases such as rabies, Bordetella, and distemper reduces their chances of getting sick, which is especially vital in areas where they will be around many animals. Further, many pet boarding facilities require pets to be up to date with vaccinations before boarding them. Here are the requirements at Cascade Kennels.

Bring Their Favorite Toys and Food

Pets associate their favorite toys and food with comfort, and you can make them feel more at home by bringing your pet’s precious items to the boarding facility. Toys and blankets will have the scent of your home, which can help ease the transition to an unfamiliar environment.

While boarding facilities will feed your pet during their stay, their food may not be to your pet’s taste. Bringing your pet’s usual food and treats is beneficial because it can help them feel more comfortable and can be necessary if they have special dietary needs.

Socialize Them Beforehand

Your pet needs to be socialized around many types of people and others of the same species, as it will help them become more familiar with different sounds, sights, and smells. Many pet boarding facilities will give pets time to socialize with others, and proper socialization can increase their likelihood of pleasant interactions.  Training classes are an excellent opportunity to socialize your dog in a safe and controlled environment and can help them become more comfortable around others.

Take Them for a Checkup

Before making a pet boarding facility reservation, taking them to the veterinarian for a checkup is advisable. Your vet will check to ensure your pet is healthy and parasite-free and provide them with anti-flea and tick medications you can bring to the boarding facility. If your dog requires treatment, your vet can get your four-legged friend ready for boarding.

Being away from your pets for the first time can be daunting, but taking steps to make their stay more comfortable can put them at ease and ensure they have a great pet boarding experience. If you need a place for your pet to stay while you are away, Cascade Kennels offers a clean and safe full-service boarding facility. Contact us to make a reservation for your pet today.


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