Have a cat? Here is our list of cat products that every cat owner needs in their home.

Cat Products We Couldn’t Live Without

Many new and different products on the market can entertain or provide needed convenience for your cat. These products can add comfort to their daily life by making it substantially easier to complete daily hygiene tasks. We’ve compiled a list of some of the products we think every cat owner needs.

New Litter Boxes

Not all cats are the same, and each has unique needs. Not every cat needs or wants an enclosed litter box. Some cats need higher walls on their litter box for spraying urine (sometimes they spray high). Multiple boxes are needed for multiple cats. One box is usually needed per cat plus one. If you have a multiple-story house, sometimes it’s better to have another one on each floor.

There are now even automatic cleaning boxes that can sense if your cat is in the box. This will prevent your cat from being scared during the cleaning process. These tend to be louder and more expensive but provide added convenience for the owner and the cat!

Water Fountains

Did you know cats need to see the ripples to see the water’s surface? That is why they will paw at a still water bowl to create ripples. These fountains can create ripples while also creating that soothing sound. These sometimes can be quite elaborate, with slides and shoots for the water.

Cat Tree

Cats love to climb and jump whenever they have time. Without a better option, this might mean on top of your mantle or near breakable objects. A cat tree is a perfect idea to provide them with a better option. It’s a great place to get to that higher ground for a different view. Plus, it gives them a chance to have a safe place away from people or other animals when looking for some alone time, and we all know most cats love that alone time.

Scratching Post

All cats will try to sharpen their claws as a method of self-defense. Scratching also helps cats exercise and strengthen their muscles. You must provide them with as many opportunities to do this task. This will direct them away from your furniture and carpets. There are many scratching posts to choose from, some with toys attached and others made for the wall. Find one that suits your cat’s temperament the best.

Grooming Glove

Most cats love their fur stroked, so why not combine this with the task of grooming them? Grooming gloves are a great way to provide great one-on-one time with your cat while providing good fur removal. Brushing your cat removes dirt, grease, dead hair, and skin flakes and stimulates blood circulation. 

Stimulating Toys

Movement and exercise are almost always a part of play with your cat. These components ensure your cat doesn’t become overweight and maintains a healthy activity level. Your cat needs exercise – they need to get their heart rate up and stretch their legs while running and jumping. Playing with toys is an excellent way to achieve this. Some new toys on the market and electronic interactive laser toys, yarn-fling toys, and food dispensing balls.

We have covered a variety of products and how they provide excellent pet care and playtime. These make happy cats during the day, but please remember that cats shouldn’t be left alone for extended periods when the owners are traveling and that boarding with Cascade Kennels is the best option.


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