Why Rescue Dogs are the Best from Cascade Kennels

Why Rescue Dogs are the Best

There are around 3 million dogs in shelters in the United States at a time. Every single dog in these shelters could use a home. About 1 million of them go without a home. It only takes adopting one dog at the local shelter to make a difference. Here are a few reasons why adopting a dog at the local shelter is the best way to get a new friend.


1.    The dog may already be trained: Shelter dogs sometimes come from homes that can no longer afford to keep the dog. If you’re looking for a dog who’s already been trained, the shelter may be the place for you.

2.     You have a new forever friend: When you adopt a dog from the shelter, you’re changing their life for the better. Now you have a new best friend who’ll love you unconditionally.

3.     Excuses to go shopping: After you bring home a new adoptee, you have a reason to go shopping for them. Make sure to spoil them rotten; they deserve it after their time in the shelter.

4.     A more exciting life: When you bring home a new dog from the shelter, things may become a bit unpredictable. Who’s to say this isn’t something to be excited about? Instead of the same old nights and mornings, now you have something more to look forward to.

5.     Skipping the hard part: Some people may disagree, but others just cannot stand raising a new puppy! They chew and tear furniture and make a mess everywhere. When you bring home an older rescue, you don’t need to worry about the puppy stage.

6.     Protecting your home: Shelter dogs will have a newfound understanding of what a home is when you bring them in, so they will want to protect their new home and new owner from anything. This may be inconvenient at times, but it can also keep your house safe from danger.

7.     They cost less: Shelter dogs are much cheaper than buying a new puppy. Some shelters also help cover the cost of medical bills.

8.     You’re saving a life: When you adopt a dog, you save their life, but you also open up a new spot in the shelter you adopted them from to hold another dog. This way, you save not only the adopted dog’s life but another dog’s as well.

9.     That good feeling: When you adopt a dog, you know you’re doing the right thing. Instead of supporting overbreeding or puppy mills, you instead save a dog and give it a new, loving home.


When you adopt instead of shop, you’re making a difference to a pet in need. Cascade Kennels can also help you take care of your new adopted friend. With grooming, we can clean up your fuzzy friend. We also offer training so that you can help your new dog transition into its new life. And if you ever need to leave them, we also offer boarding.


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