Dear Santa Paws: Finley The Dog’s Holiday Wish List With Cascade Kennels

Dear Santa Paws: Finley The Dog’s Holiday Gift Wish List

Woof! It’s Finley here, Executive Canine Quality Control Officer at Cascade Kennels. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I just finished my dog holiday gift wish list. I’ve been a good girl, so I’m hoping Santa Paws will bring some of my favorite things for me and my furry friends.


Dear Santa Paws,

First on my wish list is a BarkBox subscription. It’s like Christmas every month! Every month, I can get new toys, treats, and surprises delivered straight to my door. I love that BarkBox comes in different themes each month and has 2 toys, 2 bags of treats, and a surprise item; I’ll always have something new to play with and enjoy.

I would also like the Talking Pet Buttons and Mat because I want to communicate with my family better. I’ve been trying to tell them things, but they sometimes need help understanding me. With this toy, I can press buttons like “I Love You” or “Out.” How paw-some is that?

The Chuckit! Ultra Duo Tug Tough Dog Toy is a fun toy I could have to play fetch with my family and friends, and it’s tough enough to handle my rough play. It’s two Chuckit tennis balls connected by a durable nylon handle that makes it easy to toss, and it fits into the launcher, too, so I can play with it both inside and outside.

Santa Paws, please remember to add Milk-Bone Gingerbread Flavored Dog Biscuits to my stocking. I’ve been drooling over these dog biscuits since I saw them online. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into them and get into the holiday spirit by sharing them with my friends.

Another snack we like is the Fromm Crunchy Os Pumpkin Kran-POW Dog Treats. They are a blend of turkey, pumpkin, and cranberry that we can’t resist!

I would love to get the Merry Makings Holiday Puzzle Dog Toy to give to my friend Bailey the Corgi. It’s a fun puzzle toy that will keep her mind engaged and challenged. She’ll love practicing her nose work, foraging skills, and getting little treats in the sliding doors, small domes that flip open, and the big dome that slides open.

Or Bailey might like an Interactive Snuffle Dog Mat. It’s a puzzle mat for dogs that encourages natural foraging skills and nose work and adds mental stimulation to the day because it’s searching for small treats and food that are hidden in felt loops.

My best friend, Lacey the Bulldog, would love the Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Heavy Duty Dog Toy Ball with Handle because it is perfect for tugging, fetching, and carrying around. It’s made from flexible material and designed to be punctured without deflating. She plays really ruff with her toys, and it’s tough enough to keep up with her at playtime.

That’s the end of my wish list Santa Paws. We promise to be good dogs and play with our new toys all the time.

Thank you, Santa Paws & Happy Holidays to you.



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