Finley’s Point of View: Be Kind to Animals

Hi Finley here,

Did you know that this week is National Be Kind to Animals week? Well…..it is! And personally, I’m really excited about it; it’s a special week for us animals and I’m gonna tell you a little more about it.

Be Kind to Animals week started a really long time ago, 1915 to be exact.  It was started by the Humane Society to help humans understand that being kind to animals is very important. After all, we were put here on this earth to help improve the lives of humans, and we all do that very gladly, but it’s important that humans know we are totally dependent on them for our care. Most humans are very kind to animals, but sadly, there are some who are not and this week is set aside to remind you that if you see someone being unkind to an animal, you should do something about it.


There are lots of ways that humans can show their kindness to animals. Here’s a list of very simple things you can do to show your kindness to four-legged friends.

  • Give them shelter from harsh weather; cold or hot
  • Make sure animals in your care always have clean water; animals should be given fresh water every morning and make sure they have it through the day.
  • Volunteer at a pet adoption center
  • Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Give your pet a bath and grooming…..that always feels so good!!
  • If you live on a farm, spend some extra time caring for the animals on your farm
  • If you see animal abuse report it
  • If you see an animal in a hot car; take action and rescue the animal as soon as you can.
  • If you see an animal in any kind of distress, stop and help them. Remember, we’re animals and we can’t help ourselves.



Sometimes I think people would report more if they knew who to call when they see animals being mistreated. If you see people being un-kind to animals the ASPCA is a good place to start. They can help direct you to the people in your area that can help the animal. In our area, the Snohomish County Animal Control service is another great resource. Their employees are trained to handle all types of animals, including live-stock.

The Humane Society is also a trusted place that will always help any kind of animal. Plus, they’re nation-wide and have shelters here in our area too! They have an on-going effort to stop animal cruelty; you can check it out right here.

As an animal myself, one of the things I like the BEST is when I see humans helping other humans and animals when something bad has happened like a flood. This picture warms my heart!



Photo cred: Pintrest

I hope you found my blog helpful and inspiring…..and even though we set aside this one week for being kind to animals, it’s really a year-round thing…. Humans should ALWAYS be kind to animals.

Until Next Time,



Executive Canine Quality Control Officer


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