Finley’s Point of View: National Check the Chip Day

Hi Finley here!

Today is August 15th which is a very important day in the pet world, but oddly enough a lot of my human friends don’t know this, so that’s why I’m writing this blog. August 15th is National Check the Chip Day! What is that you ask? Is this about checking to see if I have potato chips in my pantry? No sillies…. National Check the Chip day is all about making sure your pet’s microchip information is up-to-date.

Microchips, as you may well know, are tiny little things that we pets can get from our vets. It hurts just a tiny bit when the vet puts them into our backs but once that’s over, we don’t even know it’s there! The really cool thing about microchips is that, even though they’re really small, they hold a lot of important information about your pet, like:

  • Your pet’s name
  • Your name
  • Your contact information, like phone number and address.

Once you get your pet chipped, you just register their number with the National registry and then they keep all of that information for you. Here’s the really important thing though:  keeping your pet’s information up-to-date in the registry. That’s why there’s an August 15th…… it’s the day we set aside to remind people to log into the registry where your pet’s information is and make sure that all of the information is still correct. Sometimes people move or change phone numbers and that’s exactly the kind of information that needs to be updated in your pet’s registry. That way, if he or she gets lost, their chip can be scanned and your pet can be returned to you.

Just think how sad it would be for your pet to get lost, but it would be even more sad if you never got your pet back because the person who rescued your pet didn’t know how to reach you! So, take a few minutes on August 15th and check your pet’s registry information. If everything is still the same, GREAT, but if something has changed since he was chipped, update the information today!

Look at this really cool picture!


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