Finley’s Point of View on National Dog Week

Hi Finley here!

Well, today I’m here to talk about a VERY SPECIAL week that is coming up very soon. It’s National Dog Week. As you can imagine, this is a very important week for us canines because  well…… it’s all about US!  You know, you could compare it to a human having a birthday or some other very special occasion that humans like to celebrate. That’s what National Dog Week is like; it’s a week that celebrates dogs of all sizes for all the great ways we make life better for our humans.

You may think that National Dog Week is a new thing, but actually, it’s been around for a while. Here’s a little bit of history for ya!

“William Lewis Judy established this week in 1928 to honor all of the ways that dogs serve humans and to promote responsible dog ownership. A dog enthusiast and expert himself, Judy published Dog World Magazine for forty years and educated people on the power of the human-canine connection.” Source: Blog post-Wagging Tails Pet Resort.

WOW!! 1928! That was a REALLY LONG time ago! But I’m so glad that someone thought to set aside a whole week to honor and celebrate dogs. I’m also really glad that the place where I work, Cascade Kennels has been honoring and caring for dogs since it started in 1975…… which was also a really long time ago but not as long….

How does Cascade Kennels honor and care for dogs you ask? Well, we provide all kinds of different care for all kinds of different dogs……such as:

Boarding: Our dog boarding is so cool because when a dog’s humans have to leave town, then their dog can board here at Cascade Kennels until they get back.  We are kind of a home-away-from-home for dogs when they can’t be at their own home with their humans and I think this is a great way that Cascade Kennels cares for dogs.

Daycare: Daycare at Cascade Kennels is just what it says, care that happens during the day. Sometimes humans have to be gone for a long time during the day and so they bring their dogs here to play with me and other dogs while they’re gone. I think this is one of the BEST ways that Cascade Kennels cares for dogs, because who wants to stay home and be bored all day when your furry friend can come here and have all kinds of fun with lots of different friends.  Daycare at Cascade Kennels is kind of like school for your dogs, except that it’s pretty much recess all day; no boring school work…. Just recess; plus we can nap if we need to.

What’s also extra cool about our boarding and daycare, is that humans can buy some extras for their dogs to show them extra love, like a cuddle package, or a hike package, and lots of other things to make it extra fun and special for your dog.

Training: Training is another really cool way that Cascade Kennels shows its love and appreciation for dogs because training helps to make a dog’s life better, which is one of the primary goals of National Dog Week. Training helps dogs to know how they should act in all kinds of situations and it also helps their owners to know how to help their dogs.

Grooming: Nothing screams love and care like a good grooming and Cascade Kennels gives AWESOME groomings; I know, because I get them! You know, no one likes to be dirty or look scruffy so even though it may not SEEM like your dog likes to get groomed; trust me, he does and he’ll appreciate you for it too!

I hope you’ll take the time to celebrate National Dog Week this year. If you’re a dog owner, take your dog out for an extra-long walk or sign him up for doggie daycare at Cascade Kennels. That’s just one of many ways you can celebrate this very special week.


Until Next Time,


Executive Canine Quality Control Officer


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