Finley’s Point of View: Take your Pets to Work Week

Hi Finley here,

Did you know that this week, (the week of June 18th) is “Take your pet to work week?” When I first heard of this I thought “What? Not everybody takes their pets to work every day?” I mean, when your human works at Cascade Kennels, every week is “take your pets to work week” for me, so I thought it was very odd that not all pets get to go to work with their humans. Which is why they come here, to Cascade Kennels….teehee!  This whole week got started by Pet Sitters International as a way to celebrate how wonderful we pets are for our humans and to bring attention to pet adoptions.  I think that’s just awesome! Now it happens every year across the country, but did you know that there are some places, besides Cascade Kennels, that let their employees bring their pets to work EVERY day if they want? There’s even some right here in the Seattle area, like Rover.com and Trupanion.

Both of these companies are all about pets, so they really know how to make a pet friendly work place. Rover actually will help employees pay for pet adoptions! Isn’t that cool? Trupanion is a pet insurance company so they provide their employees with pet insurance; I wonder if the humans get insurance?

I’m kind of an expert on pet-friendly work places so I’m going to offer my tips on what you should do to make your workplace a great place for your pets to work.

  • Make sure the humans follow the rules. You know, they should know what to do if their pet has an accident and they should ALWAYS clean up after their pet.
  • Provide treats for the four-legged friends. This is extremely important because we like to eat.
  • Breaks for the humans. It’s important that the humans can take a few breaks during the day to walk their pets and give them bathroom breaks.
  • Make sure all the pets can work together. Some pets may not like the office too much so if there’s a pet that’s causing problems then that pet may need to stay home. Really though, not all pets are cut out for the office, so if yours isn’t adapting well, then your pet should board at a kennel.
  • Make sure the pets have a place to play and nap. Even us dogs like to cat-nap during the day so having a place to nap is important and we also like to play, so it’s important that there’s enough space for that too.

Most humans who get to take their pets to work find that they really like it. Pets can help to keep the stress level down just by being there and when humans are not stressed at work, they’re happier and will most likely stay at the job longer. We boost the morale of the office and the humans find that they still get their work done, so it’s really a win-win.

If you’re not able to take your pets to work, make sure you find a great place for them during the day, like Cascade Kennels.  If you do get to take your pet to work, then you are one lucky dog!

Until Next Time,


Quality Canine Control Officer


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