Finley’s Tips for a Happy Valentine’s Day

Hi Finley here,

So it’s that time of year when I start seeing lots of red and my treats seem to take on a heart shape.  I think they call this day Valentine’s Day.  It’s funny though how some humans seem to really like this day and then other humans don’t!  I’m not sure why that it is…..oh well, I happen to think it’s a really FUN day because it’s supposed to be all about LOVE right? And who better to show some LOVE to on Valentine’s Day than your canine companion?  So I’m sharing some tips here on how to have a very Happy Valentine’s Day with your favorite canine pal.

First, plan a date with your dog. It could be a throw-the-ball-date, a go-for-a-walk date or give-me-a-belly rub date. No matter what kind of date you plan, your dog will LOVE it because we LOVE spending time with our humans. Now, let’s just think about all the advantages for you in this; it’s completely FREE!!  It won’t cost you a thing.  You don’t have to get all dressed up or even shower for that matter….. trust me, your dog loves a little “smell.” You don’t have to worry about disappointing  your date because we could never be disappointed spending time with our humans. The gift of your time is the best gift you could ever give your dog and yourself too.

Now, if you do want to give your dog a Valentine’s Day gift, here are some things that I would suggest…..A good grooming.  Believe it or not, we do like to feel clean and even though we might fight the bath and haircut, it feels so good when we’re done.  Cascade Kennels does awesome groomings, which is where I get mine, but there are also other places around that offer pet grooming services.  After the grooming a treat is always nice, so buying your dog a bag of dog biscuits, or a new toy can be a great way to show your pal some LOVE on Valentine’s Day. You might even think about getting a new collar for your canine, or maybe just a special Valentine’s day collar. Special collars are always kind of fun.

Another great way to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your dog is to spend some time cleaning and organizing his things. You know, sometimes our food and water dishes get a little dirty and need a good wash. Sometimes our beds could use a good wash too. Dogs really appreciate it when their things are nice and clean……. We may not say so, but we appreciate it.

Finally, if your idea of a Happy Valentine’s day is just sitting on your couch, watching a movie and eating chocolate, well, we’re your best date for that!  You don’t have to share your chocolate because we can’t have chocolate, and you can watch any movie you want and we’ll never complain or disagree. For us, it’s all about spending time with our humans and what better way to have a Happy Valentine’s day than snuggling on the couch with the best human in the world?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Executive Canine Quality Control Officer


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