Guide to Pet Sitting vs. Pet Boarding from Cascade Kennels

Guide to Pet Sitting vs. Boarding

Are you heading out of town and trying to decide whether to hire a pet sitter or board your pet? There are many things you should consider when making the decision, and a lot of it concerns your pet’s needs. What works best for one pet might not be the best for another. We break down some of the things you might want to consider to make the decision easier.


Boarding vs. Pet Sitting

Let’s start with a brief definition. Pet sitting usually involves asking a friend/neighbor or hiring a professional pet sitter to either stay in your house while you are away or stop by periodically to care for your pet. Boarding is a home away from home for your pet. They are kept in a facility with other pets and have trained staff to care for their needs.


Pet Sitting: Benefits and Drawbacks

Choosing a pet sitter means your pet can stay in familiar surroundings. For older or timid pets, this may be the best option. They have their familiar toys, sleeping area, yard, etc., which creates less stress.   Hiring a pet sitter also means you don’t need to worry about transporting your pet. A pet sitter can help take care of the home, get the mail, etc., so your home looks occupied while you are away. Unfortunately, pet sitting is an unregulated industry, so there are no requirements for being bonded and insured. Background checks are not required, so it is essential to get a reputable sitter. If you choose a friend or family member, you won’t have a stranger in your home, and your pet is probably familiar with the person. However, they probably don’t have the training that a professional would have or the knowledge to handle any emergencies that might arise. If you choose to hire a pet sitter, be sure to talk to family and friends for recommendations.


Boarding: Benefits and Drawbacks

When you board your pets, you know they will be in a safe environment with staff trained to handle emergencies. Boarding has the added benefit of socialization. Many pets get depressed when their owners are away, and unless a pet sitter stays at home full-time, your pet will be left on its own a lot. At a boarding facility, they will be surrounded by other pets and have the opportunity to play with them in a stimulating environment. Boarding facilities usually maintain a structured routine, and many have customizable options such as hiking, group play, or swimming. Many boarding facilities will also house pets from the same household together, so your pets can stay together while you are gone. Some pets, however, do not do well around other animals. The noise and stimulation can be too much for them. Older pets who have a hard time with mobility or pets who have special needs that require a lot of attention might do better with a qualified pet sitter.


Only you know your pet. You understand their personality and the needs they have on a daily basis. Choosing whether to hire a pet sitter or board your pet comes down to personal preference, your pet’s needs, and your comfort level with each option. If you decide boarding is the option for you, we at Cascade Kennels would love the opportunity to show you our facility. We have an open-door policy and are happy to show you around and answer any questions. We know your pet is part of your family and want you to feel confident in whomever you entrust their care to.


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