Swimming Fun and Safety For Dogs

Swimming Fun and Safety for Dogs

There are very few things that bring out genuine excitement in dogs who love the water than going on a trip to the beach or a lake where they can play. Here are a few activities you can try with your dog next time you are in the water for some swimming fun.

  1. Play Fetch – This one is simple. Stand in shallow water and throw something out into the water that will float for your dog to fetch, like Ruffwear’s Hover Craft Flying Disc Dog Toy. Retriever dogs especially love this game.
  2. Keep Away – Dogs are generally slower than us in water than on land. One fun game to play is keep away. You can drag a toy with you while you swim and have your dog swim after you. Something with trails and is easy for your dog to hang on to works best, like Ruffwear’s Lunker Floating Throw Toy.
  3. Dock jumping – The point of this is to see how far your dog can jump and fly through the air before landing in the water. This can be done by using a toy, throwing it into the water further each time you throw it so they have to try and jump further. Try Ruffwear’s Hydro Plane Floating Throw Toy for this activity.


Not every dog is a good swimmer by nature. It is essential to follow safety measures to ensure your dog stays safe while having fun. Here are some things you can do to make sure your dog stays safe.

  1. Start with a baby pool – This is an excellent way for young puppies and small dogs to safely enjoy the water. It is also an ideal stepping-stone for dogs who aren’t sure what they think about the water yet. Your dog can enjoy splashing around in a small amount of water. Each time you can add more water to the pool until they are used to getting submerged.
  2. Make sure your dog knows how to get into and out of the water
  3. If you are in a pool or at the lake, you should walk in and out of the water several times so they can see how you do it. You might need to start them on a leash to walk them into and then walk back out of the water until they get the idea. You may want to consider luring them with a treat.
  4. Choose water with no currents for the first time
  5. It is a good idea to find a clean, quiet place and has no currents for your dog’s first time in the water. A swimming pool would probably work best, but a small pond could work too.
  6. Consider a life jacket – Using a life jacket, like Ruffwear’s Float Coat, will make you feel more comfortable with your dog’s first water experience. It may also be more comforting to your dog, so they don’t have to try and keep their head out of the water. You should introduce them to the life jacket a few minutes a day, building up the time before taking them to the water in it.


Water play with dogs can be a lot of fun as long as it is done safely. We hope that you have a great summer trying out these water activities with your dog. We can’t wait to hear your stories when we see you next!


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