Tips to Find Your Lost Pet

Help! My Pet Is Lost: Tips to Find Your Pet

A missing pet is every pet parent’s worst nightmare. Your pet has gotten loose, and you have no idea where they are. Try not to panic – there are steps you can take to locate your missing pet. Acting quickly and neighborhood networking will increase the chances of finding your pet. The key is to spread the word to as many people and places as you can. Even get friends involved.

Having proper identification for your pet can save their life. It is a good idea to have your pet always wear a collar with an ID tag that includes your name and phone number. Another identification method is to microchip your pet. Microchips and ID tags are only as good as the information provided on the website, so make sure you update it when there are any changes to your contact information.

Below are actions you can take if your pet goes missing.

  1. Alert your neighbors and search your home – Talk to anyone living in the household where they saw your pet last. Then, scour your home –dark places, under beds, closets, behind large furniture, small areas – just if your pet is sleeping or hiding somewhere. Get out a treat or your pet’s favorite toy to see if you can lure them out of hiding. If you are positive, your pet is not in the home, take a walk around the neighborhood. Bring a recent picture of your pet to show neighbors and ask if they’ve seen them. Check under any hiding spaces like underneath a porch in some shrubs. Ask your neighbors to search their garages and sheds just in case they got locked in there.
  2. Work the phones – You should call shelters, the local animal control agency, animal hospital, and rescue groups in your area. It is likely that one of them already has your pet in their custody. Check with each group daily until you find your pet. You can even visit the places in person and give them a picture of your pet with your contact information, so they know whom to contact if your pet is brought in.
  3. Post on social media – Share the information about your missing pet on your social media platforms. A lot of them have “Lost Pet” communities for local areas. Social media is a great place to post a recent picture along with your contact information for anyone who may see your pet. If someone has your pet, they could post in the groups to find the owner.
  4. Create a flyer – Create a flyer that will get noticed by people. Repeated viewings and a consistent message are more likely to stick in people’s minds. Make sure to include a clear printed photo of your pet along with their breed, coloring, weight, age, and any distinguishing features. Don’t forget to include your contact info as well. Your neighborhood, local dog parks, pet supply, grooming stores, and veterinary offices are good places to post your flyers.
  5. Don’t give up – Not giving up is the most important. A lot of lost animals eventually find their way back home, and there’s a good chance yours will too.


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