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Our goal at the Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine is to provide your pet with a completely stress-free veterinary visit experience. Some of the things that we do to help enhance your pet’s experience include:

The “stress-free visit” concept is one that our entire hospital is very invested in, and we are excited to provide it to our clients and patients. However, we need help from YOU to make this effort as successful as possible! Without a strong foundation in positive reinforcement training at home, certain aspects of veterinary visits can seem very scary for exotic pets. Regular training at home can help decrease or eliminate your pet’s fear response and allows us to maximize the impact of our techniques.


Using positive reinforcement and practice, you should be able to train your pet to:

It will take time and dedication on your part to teach your pet these behaviors. However, this training will greatly reduce stress on your pet during veterinary visits, making the experience much more pleasant for both of you. In addition, positive reinforcement training will significantly improve your relationship with your pet! Please refer to our Training for the Veterinary Visit handout for more information on how to teach your pet these valuable skills.


Stress-Free Routine Wellness Checkup Guidelines:

Obviously, you cannot always predict when you are going to need to go to the vet, and if your pet is actively sick, these guidelines/suggestions do NOT apply! However, if you are planning a routine wellness checkup for your pet at our office, here are some suggestions to help maximize the chance that it will be a positive experience for your pet:


March 30, 2015

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