Why Rescue Dogs are the Best from Cascade Kennels

Why Rescue Dogs are the Best

There are around 3 million dogs in shelters in the United States at a time. Every single dog in these shelters could use a home. About 1 million of them go without a home. It only takes adopting one dog at the local shelter to make a difference. Here are

Have a cat? Here is our list of cat products that every cat owner needs in their home.

Cat Products We Couldn’t Live Without

Many new and different products on the market can entertain or provide needed convenience for your cat. These products can add comfort to their daily life by making it substantially easier to complete daily hygiene tasks. We’ve compiled a list of some of the products we think every cat owner


Dog-Friendly Activities in Seattle

There are plenty of fun activities for you to explore when spending a day in Seattle. We love that Seattle is an excellent place for dogs to hang out as well.  There are endless places to explore, from hiking and dining to beaches. We’ve compiled a list of some of


Is It Okay to Leave My Cat Home Alone?

We’ve all had that time when we were going on vacation and looking for a place for our pets. Finding a place for your dog tends to be easier. Your cat, however, tends to be quite the challenge. So, many people decide their cat would be fine just staying at


Fun Games You Can Play with Your Dog This Summer

Summer is here, and every dog anticipates the fun they get to have with their owners on these warm days. Trips to the park or beach are great places to hang out in summer. Your dog probably loves a good game of catch or tug-of-war, but why not change things


The Best New Tech for Dog Owners

Technology is constantly evolving, and traditional products for dogs are consistently being upgraded with more technological advances. Here are a few of our favorite tech products for dogs to make your life a little bit easier.   Image: tractive.com Tractive makes sure you always know where your dog is. It


A Pet Owner’s Guide to Health and Wellness at Home

Every pet owner will say they want their pet to be happy and healthy. Here are some easy health and wellness tips to make sure your pet lives the best life they can. Diet It is important to feed your pet high-quality food that contains all the essential nutrients to


How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog

You will need to consider many factors when choosing right toys for your dog. Dog toys should be fun, durable, and safe. Many of these factors depend on your dog’s activity level, personal preference, size, and the environment in which you live. Here are our recommendations. 1. Choose a safe

Pet safety with Cascade Kennels

Pet Safety on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is fun to celebrate with parades, shamrocks, and everything Irish. As you make plans to celebrate this year, it is essential to remember to keep your pet safe. Here are our tips to keep your pets safe this St. Patrick’s Day. Keep alcoholic beverages away – Dogs