Finley’s Tips on Choosing the Best Dog Boarding

How to Find Your Dog’s Home Away from Home


Best Boarding Facility Bellevue
Finley at her home away from home – Cascade Kennels

So the other day, my friend Rowan and I were chatting over a few bones, and we got to talking about what it’s like when our owners go on vacation. Rowan and I both board at Cascade Kennels when our people are away, but he told me about what it was like before his family found out about Cascade. He never had a consistent place to stay when his people were gone, and that made it hard to adjust each time they took a trip.

It got me thinking about all the dogs who don’t have the luxury of a home away from home like Rowan and I do!  Part of why some humans don’t have a go-to boarding kennel, it seems, is that they don’t quite know how to go about finding the right one! Well don’t worry, help has arrived. Here’s what I, as a dog, look for in a place to stay!


Is it clean?

We dogs are lovers of dirt, mud, and generally things that make humans cringe. That does not mean that we find a dirty kennel acceptable! It’s in our nature to want where we eat and sleep to be clean and tidy. That’s why your first step in finding a kennel should be to drop in, without any notice, and look at where the dogs stay. Well, not just look at, but also smell. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that because there are dogs present that there should be any reason for the place to have residual disinfectant, urine or doggy doo odors. It’s just plain not true. Consistent cleaning procedures and decent air flow in the building will result in a fresh, clean environment.


Is it fun?

best boarding facility woodinville
Having fun at Cascade Kennels Doggie Daycare!

When you go on vacation, the point is to have a good time. Now, not everyone goes on the same kinds of vacations to relax or have fun. Some people’s perfect get-away is lying on a beach. Others like to ride those weird surf board thingies in the snow. Think of it in the same terms for dogs. Your boarding kennel should have different options for different personalities that allow you to take our likes and dislikes into account. I personally love to party. So, when I board, I spend a lot of time gettin’ down with my friends in daycare or group playtime. Some dogs are not such social butterflies, and they do better with a peaceful walk in the woods. It all depends on the individual, because we can’t all be expected to like the same things!


Are there lots of people interacting with us?

One of my favorite things about CK is that someone is always there at my beck and call. Whether I’m in daycare, on an activity out on the property, or just hanging out in the kennel, there are lots of people everywhere. The daycare attendants (my underlings), supervise our parties and make sure that everyone is having a good time. The exercise techs, who take us out on individual activities, are focused on making sure we have a good time, and we’re never left by ourselves outside. The kennel techs, who take care of us, are always around doting on us throughout the day and making sure we’re happy and comfy.


What if something bad happens?

best boarding facility seattle
They take good care of me at Cascade Kennels.

I am likely invincible and impervious to sickness because I am SUPERDOG, but the truth is, sometimes dogs get sick or hurt. The comforting thing about staying at Cascade is that all of my subordinates (aka, the staff) are very experienced and knowledgable. Their know-how helps them spot subtle signs of illness or injury and act accordingly. You should be confident about the people who are taking care of us, so don’t be shy and ask lots of questions about how they handle various medical or emergency situations.



Can I bring my Teddy??

Best Boarding Facility Near Snohomish
Hanging out at the Daycare at Cascade Kennels

I love my bed, my toys, and my food. Emphasis on the word “My.” I’m sure your dog probably feels the same. Having our favorite stuff helps us settle in and feel at home, so it’s the pits when a kennel won’t allow those things to come with. Cascade keeps track of all the things you bring in, and gives it back to you humans cleaned and good as new so that you don’t have to do laundry as soon as you come home.  In the end, the most important thing is that you have peace of mind about where your dog stays while you’re away. That helps us out too, because if you’re happy, so are we!




Til’ next time!


Executive Canine Quality Control Officer


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