Fun Halloween Costume Ideas For You and Your Dog

Fun Halloween Costume Ideas For You and Your Dog

One of the most fun things about having a dog is dressing them up, and Halloween is the best time of year for that. So, whether you’re looking for something trendy, sweet, or laugh-out-loud funny, here are a few fun Halloween costume ideas for you and your dog.

Surfer and shark
This one is easy. You dress like a surfer in a swimsuit or wetsuit and dress your dog as a shark by putting a cardboard shark fin on its back.

Hot dog vendor and hot dog
All you need for this costume is a red apron and white-collar shirt with a bowtie. Don’t forget the hat! Your dog can dress up in any hot dog costume you can find.

This is a fun idea for the whole family! Someone will need to be the chocolate, someone to be the cracker, and someone to be the marshmallow. Dogs are typically better at being the marshmallow because all you need to do is wrap a king-sized pillow around them.

Batman and Robin
You can order the costumes online from various retailers for people and dogs. All you have to do is decide who gets to be Batman and who gets to be his sidekick.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
This is an easy costume. For Little Red Riding Hood, you will need a red hooded cape, a red dress, and a basket. Then, depending on your dog’s size and shape, all you need is a woman’s nightgown and cap and maybe some fuzzy wolf feet.

Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion
All you need to dress as Dorothy is a blue dress, bright red heels, and wear your hair in high pigtails. All you need for your dog is a lion mane.

Harry Potter and Hedwig
This costume idea is super cute and recognizable! Order some wizard robes and a Gryffindor tie, cheap round glasses, and a scar painted on to dress as Harry. For your dog, you can make or buy a white owl costume and tie a letter to its leg.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 with the Cat in the Hat
This costume is excellent for a family with more than one dog! You can paint a cat face on yourself for Cat in the Hat and get a tall red and white striped hat with a big red bow. You can buy your dog’s costume online or be creative and make it yourself with red felt shirts and a blue feather boa.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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