Happy Halloween!

Making Trick or Treating fun for your Four-legged friends.


For many, Halloween is a favorite time of year. Let’s face it; who doesn’t enjoy dressing up in a fun costume and getting candy? Whether it’s Trick or Treating or going to a more grown-up party, it seems that the whole family enjoys Halloween these days. Since the whole family participates now, we can’t possibly forget our furry friends so we’ve pulled together some really cute and easy-to-make pet costumes that are sure to make your pet the talk of your neighborhood.


How great does this bulldog look in this pink tutu, tiara and leg-warmers? We love how easy this costume is because most likely, these are items you (or your kids) may have around the house.


We think this little guys looks adorable in this pirate costume. Purchase a simple little Pirate hat with elastic to stay on, then pair it with a little red doggie shirt; simple. ARRRGH!!


How clever is this?! What a great way to enjoy Halloween with your kids and pets. If you’ve got little kids, you’ve most likely got a wagon that you can decorate and then dress your kids and pets accordingly. The toys were attached to the outside of the wagon using zip-ties. We love the firefighter theme.



This costume is super easy to make and looks adorable. Scissors, green and white felt, a hot glue gun and ping-pong balls.


This costume took some skilled sewing and we think it’s fabulous…. Not to mention they actually got the cat to wear a costume.


Ok, so maybe this one isn’t quite so simple, but we love how unique it is. A Chia pet-pet.


If you’ve got a Batman, we think this is a perfect Robin.


Let’s roll…. This is so clever and easy to make. Who doesn’t have a box laying around. Simply cut a hole for your pet’s head, then decorate the box like a dice. We also love that the pet is safely on a leash while still looking incredibly cute.


We found all of this inspiration here; These were just a few of our favorites because they were so simple and cute.  Have a Happy and Pet-safe Halloween.




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