Is It Okay to Leave My Cat Home Alone?

We’ve all had that time when we were going on vacation and looking for a place for our pets. Finding a place for your dog tends to be easier. Your cat, however, tends to be quite the challenge. So, many people decide their cat would be fine just staying at home with a big food dish, a bowl of water, and a clean litter box. Here are a few reasons why we recommend not leaving your cats home alone for an extended time.


It Can Be Dangerous to Be Home Alone

We all fear our cat will get into something when we’re not around. So, who’s to stop them when you’re on vacation for a week? Instead, it would be best to consider leaving your pet somewhere safe, where someone can constantly watch them.


Health Concerns

There is also the concern for your cat’s health, not only physical but mental as well. Your cat needs stimulation from another cat or a human every so often; otherwise, it can be damaging to your cat’s mental health. Cats tend to experience anxiety when separated from their humans for an extended period. It is essential that your cat does not feel alone and should receive some form of attention every day.


Avoid the Concerns of Running Out of Supplies

When leaving a cat alone, your cat may run out of food, water, or litter box space. When you leave your pet with someone else, this concern completely dissipates, as they can ensure your cat always has what they need to stay happy and healthy.


Finding Someone to Watch Them

When it comes to leaving a cat at home, there is always the problem with finding someone to watch over them. Usually, this happens to be a friend or relative. However, this doesn’t always work out, and you need to ask someone you are unfamiliar with. Then comes the concern of inviting a stranger into your home.


Cat Boarding at Cascade Kennels

Cat boarding at Cascade Kennels is a great option when you need a safe place for your cat to stay. We have spacious, individual cat areas, and each cat is given personal attention and care. You can rest assured that your cat will be safe and healthy when you return from vacation. Click here to reserve cat boarding.


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