Fun Games You Can Play with Your Dog This Summer

Summer is here, and every dog anticipates the fun they get to have with their owners on these warm days. Trips to the park or beach are great places to hang out in summer. Your dog probably loves a good game of catch or tug-of-war, but why not change things up a bit for some added fun. Here, we have compiled a list of fun variations on classic games for you and your dog to try this summer.



Fetch is, of course, one of the most classic games you can play with your dog. Take it to the next level by playing at the beach/lake and using a floating frisbee or ball. Your dog will love combining the game of catch with the fun of splashing around in the cold water. An excellent way for your dog to stay cool in the heat while still getting that exercise in.


Water Games

Swimming is another fun summer activity for dogs and people alike. Whether you go to a lake, a dog park with a body of water, or a swimming pool that allows dogs, you can let your dog swim for a considerable amount of exercise and playtime. A twist on swimming includes diving for toys. Start by using a baby pool or shallow water and throwing in toys that will sink to the bottom. Your dog gets to splash over to the toy and then stick his face in the water to retrieve it. If they master that, try sinking the toys into slightly deeper water and have your dog dive to retrieve them.


Agility Course

Why not build an agility course in your backyard? It doesn’t need to be complicated, just enough for you and your dog to have fun exploring. These can include poles for your dog to jump over, tunnels to run through, upright poles for your dog to weave through, and much more! Since it’s summer, try adding some water to the mix. If you have a pool, add swimming as part of the course. Get creative and have fun getting your dog moving.



Dogs will chase just about anything that moves in front of them. Have some fun this summer by trying something other than a toy. How about bubbles? Your dog might love jumping up and biting at them, or maybe he’ll wait until they land on the ground and then pounce. Or try it with sprinklers or a hose on super-hot days. Dogs love the excitement of moving water and will enjoy jumping and trying to catch the water as it moves across the yard.


Hide and Seek

Running around and searching for a favorite toy or treat is a game most dogs love. How about giving the game a little summertime upgrade? You can find various dog toys that you fill with water and freeze. You can sweeten things up by using pureed fruit, mashed banana, or peanut butter smeared into the grooves of any rubber dog toy before freezing as well. Then hide the toy and let your dog search for it, with the reward of a cold treat when he finds it.



What are you waiting for? Enjoy trying out some of these summertime twists on games with your dog. The days are long and warm, and your favorite pooch is ready for some summertime fun! 


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