The Best New Tech for Dog Owners

Technology is constantly evolving, and traditional products for dogs are consistently being upgraded with more technological advances. Here are a few of our favorite tech products for dogs to make your life a little bit easier.  

Tractive makes sure you always know where your dog is. It offers live tracking, giving you peace of mind if your dog runs off. Just purchase a tractive GPS device, choose a subscription plan which starts at only $5 a month, download the free app on your cell phone, and then you’re good to go.


Furbo dog camera keeps your dog safe when you aren’t home. Not only can you see your dog, but you can talk to them and toss them a treat. It can also send you real-time alerts on your phone. This camera has a 360-degree view with zero blind spots, so you can spot your dog wherever they are in the room.


Wisdom Panel helps you discover your dog’s ancestry, potential medical complications, ideal weight range based on his DNA, adverse reactions to medications, and more. The more information you have about your dog’s ancestry, the more personalized care you will be able to give him. 


iFetch Too has a rechargeable battery, different distance settings, and can use standard tennis balls. Your dog drops the ball into the unit, and the ball is launched for your dog to fetch and return. It contains a “random” feature that randomly changes the distance at each launch to keep your dog engaged. Easy mobility makes it great to bring along to the park or beach.


Need a solution to keep the dog off the couch or away from the trash can? The Pawz Away indoor pet barrier from Petsafe is designed to do just that, using a receiver collar and transmitters placed around your home. If your pet approaches an off-limit area, they feel a safe and mild electric stimulation that will encourage them to move away from that area. You can adjust the barrier from 2 to 12 feet wide and give multiple pets personalized access to different areas of your home.

All of these tech products help to simplify your life, and we are here to simplify your life as well. We are your one-stop facility for boarding, daycare, training, and grooming. No need to shop around; contact us today.


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