Finley’s Food Tips for a Healthy Summer

Hi Finley here, Summer’s here and I LOVE IT!  I love the warm weather and the really long days because it means longer walks and more time with my humans, plus there’s the added pleasure that comes from all the great smells when my humans cook and eat their food


Finley’s Tips for a Happy 4th of July

Did you know that, according to www.petamberalert.com, the number of pets lost in the US increases by 30% between the 4th and 6th of July? I’m here to give you plenty of pointers for keeping your dog from being part of that sad statistic this year. These are the things my parents do to keep me safe!


Finley’s Tips on preparing your pet for Spring

Hello Finley here! Ahhhh Spring! My favorite time of year, the weather gets warmer, I get outdoors more with my humans which I love! There’s lots of new things blooming which brings lots of new smells for me to check out and everyone just seems a little happier…….


Finley’s Tips for Hiking with your Dog

Have you seen that bright, glowing orb in the sky? That mysterious, blinding ball of light that occasionally peeks out from behind a cloud? It’s the SUN! Spring is well on it’s way, people! It’s time to squint our way back outside into nature!


Finley’s Christmas Wish List

I’d like to open this letter by saying that I promise not to eat your milk and cookies again this year. Mistakes were made, lessons learned, yadda yadda. Anywho, as I’m sure you know, I have been a very good girl. As such, I’ve put together a handy list for you so that you and your little elves can make my Christmas the best ever.


Finley’s Tip on Cat Boarding

I’ve kinda been on a roll here, having given you plenty of tips in the past couple of months on all sorts of stuff like potty training, hiking, choosing a daycare and finding your dog’s best fit for boarding! I just have to say that I am loving having my voice heard here on the interwebs, and I hope it’s been a useful column for you, my loyal followers!

Now I plan to go where no doggy journalist has gone before. Being the hard-hitting, no nonsense kind of reporter I am, I want to go out into uncharted waters…

Conquer a dangerous new frontier…

I want to cover……